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From Zero to Hero in just 3 weeks

Weekly 30 minute conference call.

From discovery to delivery, we'll connect once a week .

Kajabi - platform set up

Includes: Initial Set up + Custom Sales page + Import exisiting email list into Kajabi.

* Must purchase Kajabi

Custom Sales Page

We'll put together your first sale page on your Kajabi platform, custom branded with your look and feel.

Brand Basics

You already have a great message and product but it is important that your visual look inspires your audience and represents you .

We'll work with you to develop or enhance your logo, the look and feel of your products. 

Social Media page setup

The digital world can be a bit daunting . With the ever changing social media landscape, we'll help you decide which is the BEST 3 platforms to use to reach your audience and build your tribe. 

Domain and custom email registration

Choose your own website address: eg:

And up to 20 email adresses: eg: [email protected]

What you will get

A customized brand and set up to position you for success.

$2987 x 3months

That's What I Want

* As Kajabi partners we can offer you a

30 day free trial before you purchase.

Hereโ€™s the link to give it a whirl:ย 

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